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iLOOK YouTube platform launches

ILOOK, an over-the-top pay-TV platform for YouTube channels, has launched today.

ILOOK, an over-the-top pay-TV platform for YouTube channels, has launched today. The platform instantly converts YouTube channels into mobile TV apps that behave like television networks. The platform aims to allow anyone to set up their own TV network without the traditional barriers and regulations.

Once users have logged into their YouTube channel, ILOOK automatically generates a mobile app and submits it to supported app stores where it becomes available for download by TV viewers. TV app video is viewable on mobile screens, as well as any TV screen that is connected to the internet via AppleTV, Chromecast or Xbox.

ILOOK also allows video owners to export videos into TV apps that they do not own, allows TV app owners to import videos from video owners, and for a fee allows anyone to have their videos inserted across all TV apps as TV commercials. This aims to give everyday video makers the same revenue opportunities as larger media organisations.

Peter Redford, CEO of ILOOK commented, “Owners of long-tail YouTube channels are now able to attract attention and monetise like traditional TV networks, by co-locating on the same mobile screens with cable channel apps like CNN and MTV. We’re deeply excited to launch and bring these capabilities into the entertainment market.”

ILOOK is designed to extend the pay-TV business model to include long-tail video and monetise it by creating a TV marketplace for video aggregators, video owners and advertisers. Owners of long-tail video are now able to monetise like traditional TV networks with TV commercials, subscriptions and pay-per-view.