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European quotas for SVoDs set to become law “soon”

New rule could be in place by December

A new European Commission law forcing Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services  to commit to dedicating at least 30 per cent of their content local is set to become law “soon”.

EU member states will also be able to require streaming services not based in that country but targeting their audience to contribute financially to the production of European works, such as by directly investing in them or paying into national funds.

In an interview with Variety, Roberto Viola, head of the European Commission department that regulates communications networks, content and technology, said the new rules, which will also demand visibility and prominence of European product on streamers, are on track to be approved in December.

“We just need the final vote, but it’s a mere formality,” he said.

Viola said that, starting in December, the EU’s 28 member states would have 20 months to apply the new regulation. EU nations can each choose whether the 30 per cent includes sub-quotas on original productions in their countries and whether they want to follow the German model of adding a small surcharge on streamer subscription fees to support the national production fund.

He added that, in October, the EU will publish figures showing the percentage of European content already present on the various streaming platforms.