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DCMS Committee launches inquiry into AR/VR

Seeks to examine the impact of addictive technologies on people's lives

The parliamentary DCMS Committee has launched an inquiry into the growth of ‘immersive and addictive technologies’, such as augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

The inquiry will investigate how addictive technologies can affect young people’s engagement with gaming and social media.

According to the Committee, there is a clear interaction between immersive technologies and individuals’ data. It intends to examine government efforts to deliver the necessary policy and regulation to keep pace with the increasing digitisation of people’s lives.

Damian Collins, chair of the DCMS Committee, said: “We’re seeing industries emerge that offer enormous potential for growth such as esports and gaming where the UK is rightly regarded as a world leader in production. We’ll be looking at what action is needed to ensure we remain a key player. 

“Technology such as VR and AR is already an important asset to the film industry, simulated training and gaming. We want to understand more about its potential and the future impact it could have on society.

“During our recent inquiries, the committee has heard repeated concerns about the impact to society of the increasing amounts of time that people spend immersed in online worlds, and the potentially addictive nature of social media and gaming. We want to explore these concerns during this inquiry and consider what the right response should be in setting public policy for the future,” he added.

The Committee is seeking written evidence on such issues as the immersive media industry, the future of esports in the UK and the wider uses of “gamification” and VR/AR, to be submitted via the evidence portal.