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Blackbird selected for clips and highlights of new rugby competition

Blackbird will be used to clip, edit and publish highlights during matches

Livestreaming provider Corrivium has selected Cloud video platform Blackbird to produce clips and highlights from Global Rapid Rugby (Rapid Rugby), a new international rugby competition.

With Blackbird running on AWS, Corrivium will be able to receive the footage directly from Rapid Rugby’s content providers then stream live to audiences around the world as well as enabling Rapid Rugby’s digital team to use Blackbird to clip, edit and publish highlights during live matches. Highlights will be available on the competition’s official website as well as Facebook and YouTube.

Steve Jones, founder of Corrivium, said: “Upon understanding Rapid Rugby’s requirement of needing to quickly publish clips to their site as well as multiple social channels, we immediately knew that Blackbird was the right choice. Blackbird’s ability to allow the user to easily edit and publish clips, from a standard laptop whilst being on a standard internet connection is exactly what was needed.

“The Rapid Rugby Digital Team can edit from the match and publish to their site and social channels, whilst the match is live and not having to worry about long video render times or slow file uploads.”