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Speechmatics and Tedial partner for live ASR solution

Allows operators to generate speech-to-text from a commentary track

Speechmatics has incorporated its automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology with Tedial’s live sport solution SMARTLIVE.

The technology partnership between the ASR company and the MAM specialist allows operators to search for comments made during a sporting match or live event, automatically create file locators and manually generate speech-to-text from a commentary track.

This eliminates the need for production teams to scale up, freeing them to create personalised stories while maximising efficiency, output and profitability for broadcasters.

“We’re delighted to be partnered with Tedial in what is an exciting time for both companies,” said Ian Firth, VP products at Speechmatics. “Given the incredibly competitive nature of the marketplace in which they operate, both Tedial and its customers require the most accurate and efficient solutions, and we see this partnership as further testament to the quality of our product.”

Jérôme Wauthoz, VP products at Tedial, added: “The integration of Speechmatics’ technology reaffirms our commitment to deliver market-leading, cutting-edge MAM solutions. It’s a natural fit and we’re thrilled to welcome them to the fold.

“The beauty of technology like this is that this initial integration enables us to continue to benefit from further improvements in years to come. This is what machine learning is all about, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with Speechmatics to further enhance our solutions for an enriched customer experience in the weeks, months and years to come.”