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Vizrt heads to the metaverse with blinx

The company is working with start-up blinx, which delivers narratives produced by younger people, for younger people

Vizrt is working with blinx, a new startup which aims to empower Gen Z and millennials through storytelling that matters to them.

blinx is using XR technology and Vizrt artificial intelligence to create what it calls the world’s first ‘digital twin’ launched by a media hub in the metaverse. The metaverse studio is also powered by Vizrt.

To deliver to an audience that prefers graphics-heavy content, blinx is relying on Vizrt storytelling tools including Viz Virtual Studio, Viz Engine, and Viz Pilot Edge to create virtual sets, augmented reality (AR) graphics, and interactive graphics, said the company.

The startup is also employing Viz Vectar Plus, Viz Mosart, and Viz Multiplay for live video mixing, automation of live broadcasts, and managing video content across multiple screens. The technology is fully integrated with Mimir and DiNA systems.

Speaking about the project, Fadi Radi, chief creative officer at blinx said: “It’s incredibly important that we’re focusing on personalisation and interactive features to engage Gen Z and millennials, instead of the traditional model of one-to-many. Partnering with Vizrt has allowed us to achieve this, using tools that engage our audience more directly and meaningfully.