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Interra Systems adds ML-based captioning

Automatically reports inaccuracies in captions and audio

Interra Systems has announced the addition of BATON Captions to its BATON platform, leveraging machine learning (ML) and automatic speech recognition technology for the creation, management and delivery of captions for traditional TV and video streaming.

BATON Captions reports inaccuracies in captions and audio, as well as compliance issues, providing broadcasters with automated options for correcting alignment, text and spelling mistakes. Captions can be checked against actual audio essence, corrected and exported to any industry-supported caption format.

Through web services-based API support, BATON Captions can be integrated with third-party tools, giving broadcasters the option of deploying the captioning solution on premises or in the Cloud. According to Interra, BATON Captions helps drive globalisation of content for broadcasters and other media professionals.

Anupama Anantharaman, vice president, product management at Interra Systems, said: “Captions have long been mandated by all major broadcasters, and now with the rise in global consumption of online content, captions and subtitles represent an amazing opportunity for television viewers to watch and comprehend foreign-language content with ease. However, captions can be tedious and expensive to produce. Also, when transitional issues happen throughout the file-based workflow, the delivery of captions becomes more complex.

“BATON Captions leverages our industry-proven expertise in captions and subtitles QC to simplify this process and improve workflow efficiency. Using this solution, broadcasters and media companies can ensure that when content is delivered in multiple video quality levels within OTT video streams, the captions maintain a high quality.”