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German TV viewers struggle with HDR, OLED, UHD etc

Just 26 per cent of Germans understand the term HDR

A new survey of German consumers has found most struggle with the terminology around advances in technology, particularly to do with their TV set.

Consumer and home electronics company gfu surveyed 2,000 German households and asked respondents how well they knew certain terms or could explain them to others.

The results were:

Voice Assistant / Voice Control – 84 per cent

Digital radio – 76 per cent

Artificial Intelligence – AI 70 per cent

Video on Demand – VoD 61 per cent

5G – 55 per cent

Ultra HD/4k – 50 per cent

OLED – 32 per cent

HDR – 26 per cent

“The first results of our annual gfu study clearly show that industry and commerce need to inform consumers comprehensively so that technical innovations and their added value are understood and lead to buying incentives,” said Hans-Joachim Kamp, chairman of the supervisory board of the gfu.