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Dalet brings AI to the newsroom with new Content Discovery module

Smart assistant for journalists boosts usage of content, fosters collaboration and augments editorial workflows

Dalet has launched Content Discovery, a new module of the Dalet Galaxy five Workflow Orchestration and MAM platform, that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build smart content recommendations for editorial and creative teams.

Initially brought to market as part of the Dalet Unified News Operations solution, Dalet Discovery Board offers “intelligent and contextual suggestions for greater content visibility and utilisation across the newsroom.”

The platform leverages automatic content tagging, topic extraction and key phrase searches, orchestrating a combination of Auto Indexing and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

“The first of a new generation of powerful assistants for journalism, Dalet Content Discovery combines the power of AI and ML technology with the advanced data model, the orchestration capability and a new AI integration framework of the Dalet Galaxy platform in order to not only tag and index, but also align, relate and suggest content in a contextual and meaningful way,” said Kevin Savina, director of product strategy, Dalet.

Dalet Content Discovery sources and serves content, providing editorial resources relevant material including clips, videos, stories, pitches, wires and multimedia content as the journalist develops their story.

“Collaboration across departments is a common challenge especially among large, multisite news organisations,” Savina added. “With Dalet Content Discovery, journalists covering similar story beats, whether it be for TV, online or even radio, can easily connect on topics that require collaboration while still keeping controlled access to sensitive stories.”