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Broadpeak offers streaming quality control

S4Streaming assesses and selects the appropriate quality for video streaming

Broadpeak has unveiled S4Streaming, a new solution offering video service providers more control over streaming quality and bandwidth usage.

S4Streaming assesses and selects the appropriate quality for video streaming, thereby reducing the latency of live streams, enabling higher bit rates for on-demand content delivery, and decreasing video quality changes when network conditions vary.

The solution provides centralised control of quality stream selections based on server-side assessments or via operator-defined rules, enabling more precise estimations of QoE and dynamic adaptions.

S4Streaming is also compatible with the existing ABR streaming ecosystem, and is said to be effective in both unicast and multicast ABR environments.

Broadpeak CEO Jacques Le Mancq said: “Until now, ABR streaming has been exclusively relying on the players to evaluate bandwidth and perform quality selection.

“The problem with this approach is that it can cause uneven end-user experiences, and bandwidth evaluation may not work in the context of low-latency video streaming, further worsening viewer experiences.

“S4Streaming represents an inflection point in the industry, giving service providers full control over how their resources are used so that they can deliver high-quality video streams with low latency,” he added.