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Arsenal scores on media management

SME's File Fabric for Media tool is geared towards companies who deal with large media assets

Arsenal Football Club has integrated Storage Made Easy’s (SME) File Fabric for Media tool for non-proprietary media content management.

The tool is geared towards companies who deal with large media assets, enabling them to securely collaborate with and move large files, in a non-proprietised fashion.

It has been integrated within Arsenal’s on-prem and on-Cloud object storage, providing a ‘single pane of glass’ view for editors, journalists and administrators alike.

The media team has also deployed File Fabric’s M-stream File Transfer Acceleration feature for moving assets between storage tiers and end-user desktops.

John Dollin, Arsenal F.C. senior media operations manager, said: “Working with the team at SME has been a great experience and the product does exactly what it says on the tin, it makes it easy.

“In an ever changing and more demanding media landscape we, as a media team, need to adapt quickly to new requirements and as a result, require tools and services that are flexible and easy to configure. The File Fabric has already proven its worth and with its simple API, it was easy to integrate into our facility.”