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V-Nova to be named Global Media Innovator

The Diplomatic Council is set to name V-Nova as its first DC Global Media Innovator

The Diplomatic Council is set to name V-Nova as its first DC Global Media Innovator.

The British cooperation will receive the award at the Diplomatic Council All Nations Gala in Frankfurt on 25 January.

Every year, the United Nations-accredited think tank gives exclusive credit to a media, technology and platform convergence company that has had the biggest impact on the future media-driven society.

The award recognises V-Nova’s video compression technology, PERSEUS, which delivered the first ultra HD transmission of El Clásico in November.

The board said, “V-Nova is notable because it takes an approach to video compression which differs fundamentally from the MPEG-type approaches which have dominated digital video for the past 20 years or so.

“This allows for a significant step forward in video network efficiency. The company’s PERSEUS technology allows firms to significantly improve the performance of video streaming over all types of network and for all levels of video quality.

“The reason for V-Nova’s importance is that video performance will remain one of the most challenging aspects of media delivery over the coming years, in all regions and across all networks.”

Developed to solve the shortcomings of existing compression technology, V-Nova’s PERSEUS is software-based and designed from the ground up to offer a step-change in performance, integrating with existing industry standards, hardware ecosystems and workflows.

Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder at V-Nova, added: “Being recognised by the Diplomatic Council as the most innovative media and technology company in the world less than a year after our launch is a significant honour, which we sincerely thank the Council for.

“From the start, we set out to address the global explosion of video traffic and to close the gap between capacity needs and legacy compression development without the need to wait for infrastructure upgrades.

“Our ground-breaking PERSEUS signal compression technology processes data and video in new ways so they can be transported, stored and secured, faster and more cost effectively, enabling a new generation of services to emerge.”