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V-Nova sets sights on the metaverse

Construct VR showcases applications for 6DoF volumetric movie format to transform existing 3D assets into immersive experiences

V-Nova has released a film designed to showcase the future of immersive media and metaverse applications, adapting the CGI movie Construct to create an immersive version called Construct VR.

Available in the Steam Store, Construct VR combines the company’s point-cloud compression technology with 6DoF volumetric movie format from PresenZ.

The format integrates into the same creation pipelines as traditional CGI and generates the same fidelity as photorealistic visual effects and high-end animation, the company said.

PresenZ allows users to transform existing 3D assets into a fully immersive volumetric experience for the end user, by rendering images from a cube of points of views rather than a single camera point.

Point-cloud compression technology was used to compress hundreds of gigabytes of data to transform the CGI into a manageable asset, ready for distribution, real-time decoding and consumption on all major VR gaming setups, according to V-Nova.

The company noted that unlike standard 360-degree VR applications, the new technology realistically responds to the position and orientation of the VR headset. Users can therefore get closer to objects and characters, explore all angles and look around and behind objects, and avoid the motion sickness commonly associated with 360-degree VR.

“The project undertaken with PresenZ reflects V-Nova’s position at the cutting edge of data compression, capitalising on our pioneering technology, experience and industry knowledge,” said V-Nova CEO and co-founder Guido Meardi. “Construct VR demonstrates the possibilities that volumetric 6DoF PresenZ offers to the future of digital and metaverse experiences, made possible by V-Nova’s efficient compression.”

The launch is the latest in a flurry of metaverse announcements, following Disney’s hint at a VR future and Unity’s plan to make Weta Digital tools available to 3D artists.