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TVU Networks drives RTVE’s coverage of 2019 Rally of Morocco

Included a blend of action captured with a smartphone and a standard camera

TVU Networks worked with Spanish broadcaster RTVE on its recent coverage of the 2019 Rally of Morocco.

The broadcaster’s coverage included a blend of action captured at close range with a smartphone running TVU Anywhere and more static content shot using a standard camera setup with TVU One.

The TVU Anywhere app turns mobile smart devices into HEVC transmitters with IS+ transmission algorithm. RTVE paired TVU Anywhere with the TVU Nano Router, which helped to ensure smooth, interruption-free transmissions by providing up to 200Mbps of secure, high-speed internet by combining data from three different SIM providers. TVU Nano Router ensured stable connectivity in spite of the remote conditions.

TVU One, the mobile live video transmitter with HEVC encoding, was also on standby for the event, deployed when RTVE needed to switch to a higher resolution transmission with ultra-low, sub-second latency.

The live broadcast was successfully aired on RTVE’s flagship website and TV channel.

David Jorba, managing director Europe, at TVU Networks said: “Our variety of incredibly compact solutions enabled RTVE to air live IP video in full-HD and extremely low latency from a smartphone or TVU One to broadcast live to their flagship channel. The uninterrupted high-quality coverage from the 2019 Rally of Morocco is further testament to the unparalleled performance of our solutions in environments with less-than-ideal network conditions.”