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Tata Communications adopts live OTT solution

Tata Communications has become the first customer to implement Net Insight’s live OTT solution globally

Tata Communications has become the first customer to implement Net Insight’s live OTT solution globally. Tata Communications will provide its media and entertainment customers with a range of live OTT content management and delivery services, by integrating Net Insight’s solution in its Media Ecosystem, including its Video Connect service.

Net Insight’s live OTT solution enables customers to overcome live OTT challenges by synchronising the first and second screens. The first and second screens will also be integrated, enabling the second screen to serve as an extension of the viewing experience and a tool for interactivity. This opens up business potential via viewer engagement with advertising; interactivity in gaming, live interactive betting, voting and polling, and as a device to interact via social media – all within the real-time TV viewing experience.

“The OTT market is growing rapidly, driven by people’s hunger to watch their favourite shows, anytime, anywhere, on any device, but to date, the time lag with OTT content delivery has prevented its widespread use with live events,” said Brian Morris, vice president and general manager, global media and entertainment services, Tata Communications. “By building Net Insight’s innovative technology into our global Media Ecosystem, we can empower media companies to manage, deliver and broadcast live OTT content in sync, anywhere in the world, and to harness live sports and music events for additional revenues, as people’s evolving content consumption habits continue to disrupt the industry.”

“We have worked closely with Tata Communications for many years and as a result of the company’s willingness to drive market innovation and ability to move swiftly, Tata Communications’ global customers can now experience a truly live OTT service.” said Fredrik Tumegård CEO of Net Insight. “Net Insight’s ability to support truly live OTT services and harmonise TV across multi-user or multi-devices is game-changing and will put service providers back into the OTT value chain.”