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Signiant accelerates news delivery for EBU

The Eurovision News Exchange is moving its File Exchange Platform to Signiant’s Managers+Agents software and Workflow Automation Engine, to power an automated file-based delivery workflow system aimed at facilitating faster news sharing.

Eurovision’s new File Exchange Platform for news unites 72 EBU members and will be based on Signiant’s Managers+Agents software and Workflow Automation Engine, which will power an automated file-based delivery workflow system.

This will facilitate faster news sharing among the network of up to 200 sites of the Eurovision News Exchange’s participants. Eurovision’s innovative File Exchange Platform will use Signiant components as the primary management system to control, optimize, accelerate, secure, prioritize and automate the movement of digital content.

With speed, security and peak efficiency paramount considerations, Signiant’s software will facilitate the transition from linear satellite feeds to file-based operations. The rollout of the FEP to EBU Members, which began earlier this year, will enable the unlimited exchange of non-linear content.

The software will enable a trusted connection across two active data centres running Signiant Manager integrated with existing news scheduling servers. This will both push and pull news content to and from EBU members and subscriber endpoints running Signiant Agents.

Because the software is built to centrally manage geographically dispersed workflows, it includes sophisticated features that can support large-scale deployments like FEP, while removing the need for human intervention from many steps in the news workflow.

“The system allows News Exchange members to exchange more content, more quickly, without the limitations imposed by linear transmission,” said Jeff Dubin (pictured), Head of News and Events for Eurovision. “With Signiant’s innovative file workflow management and acceleration technology integrated into the new Eurovision News Exchange platform, EBU members have increased security, speed and control when sharing their editorial content.”

A private cloud system for sharing media assets with a broader content delivery ecosystem, Signiant’s Managers+Agents software is optimized for automated file transfers and workflow integration. This allows administrators to prioritize the delivery of assets between sites and control bandwidth usage to specific locations or servers based on content delivery windows to ensure that systems or networks are not overloaded. Critical content gets through when needed without network congestion or incurring the extra cost of adding more bandwidth.