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Prompting – There are apps for that

Both Autoscript and Prompter People have introduced new apps and accessories for putting prompters on iPads (or other iOS devices).

Both Autoscript and Prompter People have introduced new apps and accessories for putting prompters on iPads (or other iOS devices), writes David Fox.

Autoscript has partnered with Teleprompting Techniques to offer a professional prompting app for users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. PicoPrompt is available via the App Store, along with Picoscroll, a free scroll App.

Autoscript launched a scroll control and a connector for iOS devices at BVE 2012 last week.

For broadcasters, the main benefits will be gained through Autoscript’s latest upgrade to its WinPlus software, which is claimed to be the most widely used prompting application in daily use. The new version allows producers to select and send single stories or complete running orders from the broadcast studio to a journalist or presenter’s iOS device anywhere in the world.

“We have been working on this product for some time to ensure it meets Autoscript’s high standards, and we believe we’ve done it,” said Brian Larter, Autoscript’s Managing Director.

“In combination with our software the app offers some unique benefits, such as allowing the script to be automatically formatted correctly for the device on location, and giving the presenter more control.” He believes that this opens up “a truly professional way of prompting on location while still being linked to the studio.”

Autoscript also introduced the Magno Wireless Foot Control at BVE. As presenters are increasingly being asked to host news or entertainment shows from places within a studio complex that aren’t permanently cabled, this wireless foot control allows them to control the speed of the script without the need to run cabling. It uses RF technology on the 400mhz licence-free range, is promised not to interfere with any other devices and can be used up to 100 metres from the receiver module. The Magno Foot Control can be seamlessly added to existing Autoscript installations.

Another wireless device being launched is the Smart Combiner Wireless Receiver. This allows up to four separate wireless controllers to be used in a single studio, and further Wireless Smart Combiners can be added to increase this.

“Our raison d’etre at Autoscript is to offer broadcasters professional quality systems, we do not try to shoehorn in consumer products that do not meet the acceptable levels of quality or reliability that a broadcaster expects and requires. All our developments are borne out of customer needs, from changes in workflows to the ever-increasing demand on presenters to be versatile while not compromising on the presentation,” added Larter.

Prompter People Presents

The iCue Teleprompter application for the iPad and iPad 2, is Prompter People’s answer for mobile prompting.

It is claimed to be “smooth, clear and simplistic”, with lots of options. Text can be altered to change size, font, colour and visibility. The background colour is also adjustable. iCue works as a stand-alone application, but with iCue’s display mirroring feature, it displays further potential when combined with one of Prompter People’s many iPad teleprompters.

iCue also allows for different control methods, such as the infrared wireless remote included with its Flex Series, Proline or UltraLight iPad teleprompters, as well as the free iCue Remote app.

This turns an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a fully functional remote control complete with playback, speed, search, scroll, timer control and shuffle. iCue can also be controlled using any bluetooth keyboard.

Loading a script into iCue can be done by uploading text from emails, copied across via iTunes on a computer, downloaded from a web server, imported from other apps, or shared from another iCue equipped iPad.

For timing it can count up or down from a specific time, and can also be switched to a mirrored display when used with a suitable prompter mount.