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NEP Netherlands expands UHD HDR OB truck fleet

UHD 2 can control more than 24 cameras

NEP Netherlands has expanded its outside broadcasting capabilities with the launch of a second UHD HDR OB truck.

UHD 2 is the largest OB truck in NEP’s European fleet, and allows for production to be controlled with more than 24 cameras.

The truck can handle many types of cameras, including large sensor cameras, and it features a state-of-the-art audio desk which NEP said is ideal for sports and entertainment programmes.

Theo Stam, lead solution consultant at NEP Netherlands, said: “We had the choice to upgrade our existing NL 2 OB truck, which would have been financially attractive, or to have a new one built. Since the demand for UHD registration is increasing and we prefer for our people to work with the latest technology, we decided on the latter.

“We used the blueprint of one of NEP’s Swedish trucks, which we have used for a number of productions in the Netherlands. Then, together with our Swedish colleagues, we looked at where there is room for improvement. The UHD 2 is the result of this collaboration and work.”