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Marquise Technologies adds VC-6 compression technology to post production workflows

SMPTE ST 2117-1 (VC-6), is a multi-layer coding standard that utilises in-loop AI techniques

Marquise Technologies has integrated V-Nova’s SMPTE ST 2117-1 (VC-6) compression technology into its suite of media post production solutions, making it the first company in the world to do so.

SMPTE ST 2117-1 (VC-6), is a multi-layer coding standard that utilises in-loop AI techniques.

Marquise chose to add VC-6 to its range of supported ingest and egress formats due to its compression efficiency and speed in both lossless and lossy modes, said V-Nova.

The technology can also be implemented efficiently in software on both CPU and GPU and can easily provide high quality lower resolution proxies and region of interest decoding which makes it suitable for 4K, 8K and larger cloud-based production workflows, added the company.

“Adding VC-6 to our product range opens new working horizons for our customers, particularly today with the need to work on remote content with accuracy and ease, Said Laurence Stoll, CEO at Marquise Technologies. “We are also excited about the imminent standardisation of VC-6 carriage within MXF which will facilitate the adoption of this format for next generation broadcast and online post-production workflows.”

Guido Meardi, CEO at V-Nova added: “We’re excited to witness a top-end player like Marquise adopt VC-6 and expand its ecosystem and platform availability. This addition will put VC-6 and its capabilities at the disposal of the top post-production facilities, accelerating their move to higher resolution workflows. We will continue to work closely with Marquise and support the rapid adoption of its superb products and solutions.”