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Marquis’ multiplatform seminar

Marquis Broadcast has announced its 'Cost Effective Multiplatform Delivery' seminar, joint-sponsored by Omneon, Blue Order, and Grab Networks.

Marquis Broadcast has announced its ‘Cost Effective Multiplatform Delivery’ seminar, joint-sponsored by Omneon, Blue Order, and Grab Networks.

The seminar will be held at the Soho Hotel, London, on Tuesday 9 March 2010, and is targeted exclusively at broadcast professionals looking for maximum performance from their digital processes. Attendees will learn how to integrate products to create efficient and profitable multi-platform broadcast workflows, from ingest to distribution.

Guest speaker Norbert Funk, broadcast media consultant and owner of Vision 5 Media, will give an independent perspective on multiplatform integration, while providing feedback on the experiences of companies that have recently migrated to digital processes. He will also give actual examples of how efficient digital workflows have been achieved involving the additional challenges presented by HD technology, Dolby 5.1 and higher data rates.

“This seminar is a unique opportunity for broadcast professionals looking to migrate to new digital workflows or for those interested in expanding their existing digital technology to encompass enterprise-wide business workflows,” said Granby Patrick, technology director, Marquis Broadcast. “Attendees will also be able to learn from real examples of how broadcasters have maximised profits through intelligent use of digital technology in all aspects of their production workflows.”

The seminar will explore methods of extracting additional profits from digital workflows by extending revenue streams without incurring increased production costs. In addition, the seminar will illustrate the role of metadata in ensuring workflows are optimised for efficiency and profitability through the facilitation of processes such as rights management, asset tracking, quality control and multiple platform delivery.

This seminar will also be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City, on Tuesday 2 February 2010, and at Le Meridien Hotel, Munich, on Wednesday 10 March 2010.