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Lithuania’s LNK upgrades with Front Porch Digital

Lithuania’s largest private television network broadcaster LNK is upgrading its DIVArchive and DIVAdirector systems.

Lithuania’s largest private television network broadcaster LNK is upgrading its DIVArchive CSM and DIVAdirector MAM systems. DIVArchive drives the file-based workflow for LNK, and the upgrade will allow the broadcaster to take advantage of more efficient storage technology and will accommodate more users.

“Several years ago when we looked at the possibilities for an archiving and MAM system, Front Porch Digital was the only real contender because it was a mature, stable system backed by experienced engineers,” said Vilius Šumskas, IT manager at LNK. “Over time the DIVA systems empowered us to add three additional channels at almost no technical human resources cost. Now that we need a cost-effective way to increase our storage capacity, upgrading DIVArchive was a no-brainer. We were also impressed with the new version of DIVAdirector.”

LNK is upgrading to DIVArchive version 7.1 to coincide with its transition from LTO-4 to LTO-6 technology, a move that will give it three times the archive capacity. DIVArchive 7.1 will allow LNK to use LTO-6 as a storage medium, and perform automated migration from LTO-4 to LTO-6.

The broadcaster is also upgrading DIVAdirector, to version 5.2. With this new version, Front Porch Digital has moved its database engine to a more modern object-relational database, PostgreSQL, which LNK hopes will speed up its searches in DIVAdirector.

“LNK reaches 98% of the Lithuanian audience, making it an invaluable source of news and entertainment in that country,” said Rino Petricola, senior vice president and general manager at Front Porch Digital. “Our DIVArchive and DIVAdirector systems help LNK overcome the challenges of managing and accessing a massive amount of content within multiple complex workflows so that they can operate with maximum efficiency.”