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In other news: Storage; lights; accessories

Getting to grips with car mounts; LED on-camera lights for DSLRs; P2 card backups on location; and fashionable camera bags.

MSE gets to grips with car mounts

Matthews Studio Equipment‘s new car mount is designed as “a strong, safe, reliable and versatile system” for mounting cameras to cars, trucks, boats, trains or even low flying airplanes.

The MSE Car Mount System integrates MICROgrip technology with the recently introduced MSE family of Ball Heads.

The PRO-Mount version can carry up to 12kg using the Matthews BH-20 Ball Heads, a series of three suction cups and MICROgrip heads and rods.

The MASTER-Mount version handles up to 18kg and is based on the Matthews BH-30 Ball Head mounted on a 25cm suction cup and two 15cm suction cups, integrated with the MICROgrip supporting components.

Both systems come with an instructional video and suggestions for camera placement. MSE also offers camera risers in both 7.5cm and 15cm lengths to offer a maximum of 22.5cm further extension of the camera from the mounting.

LED light headlight for HD DSLRs

Bebob has introduced a new LED light for DSLR cameras and compact camcorders: the Lux-led4AA.

It weighs just under 200g and can be powered from four AA batteries or externally (6v to 18v). For external power it comes with a D-Tap cable. It has very low power consumption, less than four Watts, allowing an operating time of more than two hours (with four AA Li-Ion batteries). It delivers 250 lux of light (at a distance of one metre) and is full dimmable. Optional extras include: barn doors (two-leaf and four-leaf) with diffuser and tungsten (2900K) filters. It costs €249.

Backup storage for memory card users

NextoDI has developed an improved, faster storage device for camcorder users who record to SxS and P2 solid-state cards.

The Nexto Video Storage Pro+ NVS2525 is due within the next few months and backs up a 32GB SxS or P2 card in seven minutes, at up to 80MB per second. It then performs verification, comparing the file on the card to the file on the hard disk to make sure the data is copied accurately (this takes the same time again). At the end of each backup, it automatically generates an html-based Index file containing a decoded frame and metadata that can be viewed in any web browser.

For reviewing footage as thumbnails or to preview video clips, the NVS2525 has an LCD screen and can preview XDCAM EX or many other formats including Convergent Design nanoFlash files, HDV and most Panasonic DVCPro, AVCHD and AVC-Intra files.

It allows users to plug in a second eSATA hard drive to generate a second copy without needing a laptop. It can also burn back-up folders to a Blu-ray drive.

If video files contain a bad sector they might not load onto a computer for editing, so the NVS2525 recovers bad sectors to make a useable file. Although a few frames may be lost, the rest can then be used.

Camera protection after a fashion

The new Golla Cam Bags are more fashion oriented than most camera bags. They are available in three sizes, but in many different colours and designs, and are claimed to be “fashionable, protective and practical”.

The Golla Cam Bag S is designed for smaller DSLR camera or camcorders with minimal bulk. Features include: magnetic and drawstring closing as well as a Velcro fastener, styled to give “abundant protection, but easy and quick access to the camera”.

The Golla Cam Bag M has heavily-coated cover material, magnets to close the front flap, and an extra strap on the outside to secure closing; plus zipped pockets for accessories and two detachable inside walls.

The Golla Cam Bag L is the largest model, with flexible storage space for camera and lenses, small lights, memory cards and accessories,