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Financial markets rise to HD for Globelynx

Globelynx has upgraded fixed camera sites in London's financial centre to meet demand for HD coverage from Sky News.

Globelynx has upgraded fixed camera sites in London’s financial centre to meet demand for HD coverage from Sky News.

It has delivered its first HDTV broadcast in collaboration with Colt, providing a live HD feed from the trading floor at spread betting and CFD (contracts for difference) provider, CMC Markets’ offices in the City of London, allowing its presenter to deliver hourly live reports throughout the market day for a special feature on the City.

A permanent Colt link connects CMC Markets to Globelynx Network’s master control switch using uncompressed 1.5GB broadcast circuits over its London metro network. This has been designed specifically for HD, requiring a five-fold increase in bandwidth compared to standard definition, as well as offering low latency and jitter.

The Globelynx fixed camera network is used for live TV interviews from the business and financial sectors without requiring satellite truck deployment or travel by interviewees to studios. To meet the new demand for news in HD, Globelynx is now upgrading some of its camera sites and plug in facilities, which are located at the offices of leading banks and other businesses across London, apparently accounting for 80% of all in-office broadcasting systems in London. During 2010, Globelynx has also expanded into Holland and will soon be setting up in France, using connectivity from Colt.

“Our close working relationship with Colt has allowed us to respond promptly to the demand from our camera-using customers and from Sky News for full broadcast quality HD feeds of live business news and analysis. We are delighted with the on air results,” said David FitzGerald, Globelynx CEO.

Terry Quigley, head of Industry Practices at Colt added: “HDTV demands a real step-change in bandwidth from standard definition and we are delighted to be supporting Globelynx on its first live HD deployment. We are seeing increasing demand for HD information delivery from across the broadcast sector.”