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Ultra HD Forum showcases efficient HDR/SDR and sustainability demos at IBC 2023

For its seventh-year at the IBC Show, the Ultra HD Forum presents three innovative demo pods at booth 10.C09. Central to this year’s demos is the efficient delivery of HDR and SDR, especially for live events.

The Ultra HD Forum represents a collaboration between broadcasters, service providers, and tech vendors to expedite Ultra HD TV deployment. IBC 2023 key demos include:

  • Efficient, Sustainable Ultra HD: Single-master workflows for SDR/HDR are spotlighted. Emphasis is on preserving creative intent across HDR, SDR, UHD, and HD.
  • Energy Conservation: An energy-saving brightness algorithm promises up to 30% screen energy savings. The impact of ambient light and the choice of SDR and HDR on energy consumption will also be discussed.

The Forum thanks BBC, InterDigital, KPN, LGE, and ROSS Video for supporting these demos.

Additional announcements:

  • Sustainability Working Group: The Ultra HD Forum is ensuring that industry-wide sustainability initiatives consider Ultra HD technologies fairly, collaborating with entities such as the Greening of Streaming.
  • Collaboration with DASH-IF: The UHDF contributed its Watermarking API to DASH-IF. DASH-IF has referenced it in “DASH-IF Forensic A/B Watermarking v1.0.0”. This document has just been released as ETSI publication TS 104 002 (
  • Broadcast Subgroup: Building on the UHD Alliance’s approach to automatically switching displays into Filmmaker Mode, the UHD Forum has expanded the signaling methodology to prompt displays into appropriate modes for various types of broadcast content.
  • Updated Guidelines: Version 3.1 of the Ultra HD Forum Guidelines is segmented into nine ‘Rainbow Books’. The first HTML version debuts at IBC. These guidelines promote consistent industry standards and best practices.
  • Service Tracker Update: The latest tracker includes 250 customer-centric Ultra HD services, spotlighting growth in ATSC 3.0 services. Details are available at