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FA will no longer produce social content ‘with a TV mindset’

"I think producing content with the same TV mindset has now evolved," said Jim Lucas

The Football Association’s managing editor has said he believes the coronavirus pandemic will lead to a change in the way content for social media is produced.

Speaking during the latest SportsPro Insider Series event, Jim Lucas said he expects producers to move away from a “TV mindset” in terms of content for social media.

“Looking internally, what will change is the way of producing content,” he said. “The previous aspirations for having multiple cameramen, a lighting setup, two soundmen, needing to get the people involved in the interview to be sat in the same place facing each other with their chairs at the right angle.

“I think producing content with the same TV mindset has now evolved.”

Lucas added that he thinks the pandemic has led to a new way of producing content, which he expects to stay.

“What will change is a bigger proliferation of remotely produced content, regardless of whether we can or can’t start getting people closer together,” Lucas said.

“For example, if we were to do a video series where we go around and talk to ex-England managers, our default approach would’ve been ‘we need to go to where they are and we need to take a camera crew’.

“Whereas now, I think our default approach will have evolved because we’ve seen how successful that remotely filmed content can be now.”