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Elements combine for HD, 3D & Cine lenses

Fujinon showed a host of new HD and 3D lenses at IBC, plus its range of recently introduced PL-mount digital cinema lenses.

Fujinon showed a host of new HD and 3D lenses at IBC, plus its range of recently introduced PL-mount digital cinema lenses.

Its HA14x4.5BERM/RD is a new high-end ENG-style wide-angle HD lens for 2/3-inch cameras, boasting the world’s first 2.2x extender (taking the focal length from 9.9mm to 138mm). Ordinarily, the lens ranges from 4.5mm to 63mm. Features include: full remote control via RS-232; maximum relative aperture at 1:1.8 from 4.5mm to 41mm and 1:2.8 at 63mm; minimized geometric distortion and improved corner resolution and contrast.

The XA16sx8BRAM 2/3-inch lens is suited to news, corporate, and independent videos. It has a newly designed rear-focusing system that eliminates pumping, while new glass properties minimize colour fringing, and a new EBC optical coating improves transmission.

The new XA20sx8.5BRM 2/3-inch 20x zoom lens is a cost-efficient ENG telephoto aimed at corporate and budget production. It promises high-optical quality and fast, quiet, precise servo zoom and focus.

For 1/3-inch cameras, it has introduced two models: the XT17sx4.5BRM ENG-Style lens; and the XT20sx4.7BRM cost-efficient ENG-Style zoom. Half-inch cameras get the new XS20x6.3BRM.

Its 3D HD broadcast range includes five lenses for 2/3-inch cameras. The HA23x7.6BEZD-T5DD, HA18x7.6BEZD-T5DD, HAs18x7.6BZD-T5DD, HA16x6.3BEZD-T5DD and XA4x7.5BMD-D3L/D3R all work with its new synchronous zoom and focus control box (the HJ-303A-08A). The lenses are claimed to display extremely small centering tolerances in the optical axis over the entire zoom and focus range. The zoom function also works without any mechanical- backlash.

The new PL-mount digital cinema lenses include an 18-85mm (HK4.7×18), a 14.5-45mm (HK3.1×14.5), a 24-180mm (HK7.5×24), and a 75-400mm (HK5.3×75).

EastEnders HD goes Fujinon
The BBC has bought Fujinon HD lenses from Pyser-SGI for its top-rated soap, EastEnders, which has recently gone HD.

The order for 2/3-inch ENG style lenses was for two HA13x4.5BERD HD ENG wide-angle lenses, two HA22x7.3BERD HD ENG/EFP lenses, and 12 HA23x7.6BERD HD ENG telephoto lenses. The lenses included full servo kits and small, lower cost, shot boxes that have been specially designed by Fujinon for BBC Studios and Post Production. The new shot box is based on an earlier design ENG shot box, and is available to other customers too as the Fujinon ESB-24A-A01.

The ENG style lenses were chosen to allow crews to work in confined spaces and awkward areas, increasing production efficiency and programme flow on the Elstree set.

The HA13x4.5 lens offers a very wide-angle view for close-ups, while the HA23x7.6 combines good telephoto range plus wide angle.