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Darude goes live with Blackmagic Design, Acronis sets sail, and more

Today's round up of tech and product news features Blackmagic Design, Sail GP, Acronis and Dalet

Darude livestreams with ATEM Mini Pro

Electronic dance music producer Ville Virtanen, aka Darude, is using Blackmagic Design’s ATEM Mini Pro and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K to stream a weekly lockdown series online via Twitch.

The streaming setup is powered by a MacBook Pro running OBS software. Darude added the ATEM Mini Pro switcher to the workflow shortly after launch in April. Two cameras, including a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, feed into the switcher, which also captures a second MacBook Pro screen displaying the set’s production and edit.

“The different resolutions and frame rates from my previous camera and capture setup, plus processing delays were causing sync issues,” said Virtanen. “Bringing in the ATEM Mini Pro neatly resolved the compatibility issues, while adding the benefit of being able to output a mirrored 4K screen from my music computer.”

“I used to have separate scenes in OBS for different camera angles, picture in picture and screen capture elements, but now usually only one scene with the overlay and other graphics and alerts there, and the switching happens in the ATEM.”

Using the ATEM’s Mic/Line 1 as a line input for a Pioneer DJM-900nxs2 mixer to bring in music from the computer’s audio, the setup includes a Zoom H6 as a mic mixer and audio interface for a pair of Røde microphones to input directly to the streaming laptop.

SailGP partners with Acronis to enhance broadcast insights

SailGP and Acronis have partnered on a voice recognition project that tracks, transcribes and translates every conversation onboard the national teams’ F50 catamarans in real-time.

This content is then being made available to broadcasters and viewers around the globe across a number of mediums and in a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin.

“Being able to listen to all of the onboard communications in the different team languages will truly bring another dimension to our broadcast offer and we are really excited to work with Acronis to add this to our award-winning broadcast platform when the league restarts in San Francisco in April 2021,” said SailGP CEO Russell Coutts.

Dalet leverages the Cloud for graphics

Dalet has announced the availability of a Cloud-enabled version of its broadcast newsroom graphics solution, Dalet CubeNG.

Powered by the Brainstorm real-time graphics engine, Dalet CubeNG includes tools to create and manage playout of 2D and 3D dynamic graphics and branding for news distributed via broadcast, digital and social channels.

Dalet CubeNG can run on the public Cloud as well as on premise. It creates graphics and offers features, such as CGs on the timeline with animated preview and burn-in. The new version also integrates tightly with the Dalet Galaxy five environment.

According to the company, the Dalet CubeNG distributes operations like burn-in and animated preview, which require time to process, across multiple file-based engines in parallel, creating significant time-savings whether done in the cloud or on premise.