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Dalet unveils new generation studio automation solution

Dalet OnePlay leverages the Dalet Galaxy five MAM, NRCS and workflow orchestration capabilities

Dalet has announced the launch of what it described as a new generation studio automation solution.

Dalet OnePlay leverages the Dalet Galaxy five MAM, NRCS and workflow orchestration capabilities in order to “enable more efficient and collaborative productions, as well as a more effective synchronised multi-platform distribution.”

The solution aims to modernise live productions, increase audience engagement and open up new revenue opportunities while optimising operational costs and reliability.

Dalet OnePlay uses a web-based UI which runs on both desktop and tablet. It leverages the Dalet Galaxy five News Production and Workflow Orchestration capabilities to enable custom live production workflows with operational flexibility.

“News and sports content producers are constantly challenged to deliver more content to more platforms in a shorter time, with the same resources, while ensuring consistency across delivery devices,” commented Raul Alba, Dalet product line manager. 

β€œTo succeed, they need reliable, highly efficient and flexible show production workflows. Dalet OnePlay helps meet those complex requirements while building a multi-platform experience around the show that will increase the engagement with your audience. A component of the Dalet Galaxy five platform, Dalet OnePlay leverages advanced data models and Dalet Workflow Engine-driven operations to sync distribution of specific content across many outlets.”