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Canon launches ‘world’s widest angle’ 4K lens

UHD Digisuper 122 can also achieve world’s longest focal length and the world’s highest zoom ratio

Canon has announced the launch of three new 4K broadcast lenses, including what it says it the world’s ‘widest angle’.

The UHD Digisuper 122, can achieve the world’s widest angle, the world’s longest focal length, and the world’s highest zoom ratio among field zoom lenses for 4K broadcast cameras employing 2/3-inch sensors (as of September 12, 2018, based on a Canon  survey).

The Digisuper 111 offers a long focal length and high zoom ratio for a wide range of shooting scenarios. 

The UHD Digisuper 122, can deliver the world’s widest angle and world’s longest focal length – 8.2 mm at the wide end and 1000 mm at the telephoto end – as well as the world’s highest zoom ratio of 122x. The UHD Digisuper 111 offers an 111x zoom ratio and a focal length range of 8.3 mm to 925 mm.

Canon has also added the CJ25ex7.6B to its UHDxs series of portable zoom lenses for 4K broadcast cameras with 2/3-inch sensors, offering a 25x zoom ratio, a focal length range from 7.6 mm to 190 mm.