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Bridgetech reveals version 4.10 software

Bridge Technologies has released version 4.10 software for its advanced digital media monitoring and analysis system.

Bridge Technologies has released version 4.10 software for its advanced digital media monitoring and analysis system. High performance in the core network, new monitoring modes and displays, and more at-a-glance status displays are the focus of this release, which also introduces comprehensive OTT monitoring capabilities across the range of Bridge Technologies hardware and software. Many of the major new features are aimed towards uprating the monitoring capacity and security in the main headend and core network; these include bulk licensing for OTT and ETR 290 engines for the 10G VB330 probe, advanced stream filtering for VoD monitoring, and new microbursting detection capabilities. The Bulk OTT option allows the licensing of 25 or 50 OTT parallel engines at a time; one of many developments maximising the power of the VB330 in the monitoring infrastructure. Channels can be freely assigned to each engine, simplifying the monitoring setup and administration of large numbers of OTT channels – now up to 500 channels of HLS, HDS or SmoothStream are supported per VB330 unit. The new Bulk ETR 290 Engines option allows up to 50 streams to be analysed with the current ETR 290 engine, with an improved interface layout to simplify at-a-glance status assessment when analysing large numbers of streams. The Bridge Technologies ETR290 engine not only covers all parameters in priority 1, 2 and 3 continuously, but also performs additional checks on CA systems and Service/PID bitrate checks. Microbursting occurs when a greater than usual burst of frames is received with little spacing between the frames, leading to lost packets and a consequent degradation in the service quality. Although the cause of serious errors, microbursting can occur between normal sampling intervals and can therefore remain undetected, leaving a potential blind spot in the monitoring operation. Version 4.10 provides the solution by introducing microbursting detection with variable thresholding and graphical and statistical reporting as optional on the 10G VB330 probe. Version 4.10 is available now, free to all existing users of Bridge Technologies hardware.