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Betamobil builds HD OB truck on Riedel realtime A/V and comms network

Betamobil uses a comprehensive system that combines Riedel's Artist digital matrix intercom and the company's fibre-based MediorNet media network.

Berlin-based mobile production and SNG provider Betamobil has integrated Riedel technology into its newest HD OB truck. At the heart of its new six-camera unit, HD6, Betamobil uses a comprehensive system that combines Riedel’s Artist digital matrix intercom and the company’s fibre-based MediorNet media network. “We believe that the future of mobile productions lies within flexible setup scenarios that can be adapted to the needed application,” said Thomas Busch, CEO at Betamobil. “Riedel’s realtime networks, such as MediorNet and Artist, enable us to realise incredibly flexible setups that can be quickly reconfigured.” Betamobil uses a wide range of small and large OB vans that can be linked together and scaled up to form larger systems as the event or application demands. A Ross Carbonite switcher for vision mixing and a Soundcraft Vi1 audio console are also key components of the company’s design philosophy. The Artist system in HD6 consists of an Artist 64 mainframe, which serves as the foundation for a total of 12 Artist 1000 series control panels. Because the modular Artist system can be expanded easily to 1024 x 1024 non-blocking ports, Betamobil is assured long-term investment security. Integration with other OB trucks or broadcast production facilities is enabled via a simple fibre link. Also, by integrating Riedel’s RockNet 100 digital audio network system with MediorNet and the Soundcraft Vi1 console, Betamobil was able to establish analogue audio signal distribution without the need for a dedicated audio router. For video distribution and signal processing in HD6, Betamobil uses two MediorNet modular mainframes equipped with Riedel’s MN-HDP-6 video cards. The MN-HDP-6 cards offer two inputs and outputs, as well as two freely assignable connections with up-, down-, and cross-conversion on all inputs and outputs. They also allow for quad-split applications and support further signal processing such as audio embedding/de-embedding and frame synchronisation. In addition, Betamobil uses two MediorNet Compact PRO mainframes as stagebox systems for remote applications. All signal processing and conversion options are available across all MediorNet mainframes. The Betamobil HD6 has already been used at various productions such as the Berlin Fashion Week.