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Autoscript gives on-air talent scroll control, InterDigital develops AI compression platform, and more

TVBEurope rounds up the latest products and solutions news from Autoscript, InterDigital, LTN Global and AWS Elemental

Autoscript is aiming to give on-air talent more control of their teleprompters with the launch of a new wireless controller.

The WC-IP can be held in the palm of the talent’s hand, with a forward/reverse joystick that enables intuitive scrolling of the text. There are also three story navigation buttons and two programmable function buttons that give talent more control options. All buttons are managed with Autoscript’s WinPlus-IP teleprompting software and can be enabled, disabled or assigned as required.

The WC-IP can be configured and paired with Autoscript’s WB-IP base station within WinPlus-IP, which provides connection status and monitoring for the control’s integrated long-life battery. The control features an LED status display for the battery, which can be recharged using a standard USB-C cable. Each WC-IP connects with a single WB-IP base station and will maintain connection over a distance of up to 100 metres/300 feet.


InterDigital develops CompressAI

InterDigital has developed a new platform which aims to simplify and accelerate AI-based video compression research.

CompressAI allows researchers to design, train, test, and evaluate AI-based codecs. The open source platform is already being used to support the development of next generation image and video codecs.

The platform features a number of software modules including, data loader, data formatting, reference layers, pretrained models and benchmarking.

LTN Global interops with AWS Elemental MediaConnect

LTN Global and AWS Elemental MediaConnect have aligned to offer greater efficiencies for live video transport.

The solution enables customers to take advantage of distribution feeds going back and forth from AWS Elemental MediaConnect to the LTN Network, while using the LTN multicast network and backbone infrastructure.

The interoperability will allow customers to originate and send live video between AWS Elemental MediaConnect and LTN for both full-time and occasional use feeds, and to manage and schedule these feeds through the LTN Portal.