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ACCESS:VFX director nominated for Visionary Honours

Simon Devereux up for Community Person of the Year award

The Visionary Honours awards have nominated ACCESS:VFX director and founder Simon Devereux for Community Person of the Year.

The Visionary Arts Organisation’s shortlist celebrates media and entertainment figures inspiring social change or debate, recognising Devereux’s three-year effort to encourage inclusion and diversity in the VFX industry.

ACCESS:VFX now comprises 50 member companies, while its e-mentoring scheme consists of 266 mentees and 147 mentors working to boost job opportunities, discuss academic needs and offer apprenticeships and work experience.

“I’m delighted to be nominated for the Community Person of the Year award,” said Devereux. “ACCESS:VFX would be nothing without the hardworking and passionate people who really care about improving diversity in VFX, animation and games.

“It’s a pleasure to be a part of a group that actively creates more opportunities for aspiring creatives and strives to make the industry a better place to work in.”

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