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Techex announces native NDI transport for MWEdge at IBC 2022

Techex announces native NDI transport for MWEdge allowing you to take NDI into and out of the cloud without transcoding. MWEdge is a uniquely positioned software gateway that brings together reliable-transport protocols like SMPTE ST 2022-7, SRT, RIST and Zixi with a broadcast toolset focused on tier 1 broadcasters who need to move live media with absolute reliability.

Now adding native NDI transport, low-latency remote production workflows spanning the cloud and facilities on the ground are practical without any extra delay or quality loss due to recompression steps. MWEdge is the first solution to offer native NDI transport along with such a comprehensive feature set for internet contribution.

MWEdge has been engineered to be fast and efficient so it can easily deliver the high-bitrate streams that low-latency NDI uses in HD or UHD without transcoding to MPEG or NDI HX. This means whichever type of NDI your workflow uses, MWEdge will be able to fit in perfectly. With a multi-layered approach to reliable delivery, MWEdge builds SMPTE ST 2022-7 seamless switching on top of SRT or RIST giving path redundancy as well as the powerful healing we’ve come to depend on from RIST and SRT. MWEdge excels in telemetry and NDI is no exception. You’ll benefit from packet inter-arrival times, detailed information provided by the NDI advanced SDK and extensive statistics from RIST, SRT or Zixi.

NDI has become a de facto standard for cloud production and as broadcasters continue to create best-of-breed workflows linking their physical facilities with cloud production environments. Moving native NDI between networks can be difficult so Techex worked with the team at NDI on this integration. Already widely in use as a network firewall for MPEG workflows, MWEdge’s NDI transport was built for broadcasters and media companies that need high scale and need automation as part of their Infrastructure as Code deployments. Independently tested against OWASP levels, MWEdge’s security features allow it to be easily integrated into corporate IT deployments.

Trusted already by major broadcasters around the world, MWEdge is now the best way to move NDI within the cloud and exchange it with the ground. MWEdge’s industry-leading native NDI transport adds to the breadth and depth of features that already set MWEdge apart from other IP gateways.