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Strawberry streamlines approval workflows with Adobe Creative Cloud

FlavourSys, an independent software company delivering products designed to improve the day-to-day workflow of any content production facility, has announced that the latest version of its Production Asset Management (PAM) tool Strawberry (v. 5.6) now offers a smoother approval workflow, especially for users of Adobe Creative Cloud video applications, like Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

For years customers have used Strawberry for approval purposes. The new Visual Highlighting and Task Completion features make this process even more intuitive and accurate. While producers, artists and clients could always use the Strawberry web UI to view and comment on content, they can now draw on the previews to call-out specific areas within an image.

The drawings are visible to other users, included within the Flavoursys Panel Extension for Adobe CC. As part of the Communications System released earlier this year with Strawberry 5.4, editors are notified as soon as a producer or a client has highlighted his/her content and provide feedback without having to leave After Effects CC or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Visual Effects and Colour Grading are just two areas that benefit from this intuitive tool that accelerates collaboration significantly. The new drawing tool within Strawberry 5.6 includes:

  • A variety of shapes and a freehand tool
  • A predefined set of highlighting colours
  • Undo, redo and deletion functions

Also, tasks can be assigned to different artists or users, who can mark them as completed. In conjunction with Strawberry’s Communications System, the artists, management, and even customers can simply see what items are still open and be notified when they are finished.