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SSIMWAVE monitors Dolby Vision quality

SSIMPLUS VoD Monitor Inspector helps customers take control of HDR

At IBC2019, SSIMWAVE demonstrates publicly for the first time its unique capability to inspect Dolby Vision enabled content for file-based streaming environments.

The SSIMPLUS VoD Monitor Inspector provides full-reference SSIMPLUS viewer scores of Dolby Vision source and output files. VoD Monitor Inspector helps customers take control of HDR quality by allowing them to know exactly what viewers will experience on any screen, using frame-by-frame and pixel-by-pixel scores.

SSIMWAVE monitors the quality of Dolby Vision content across the distribution ecosystem, enabling media companies to quickly identify and resolve quality issues in VoD workflows.

Dolby Vision transforms viewing experiences with ultra-vivid picture quality. When compared to a standard picture, Dolby Vision can deliver colours never seen before on a screen, incredible contrast, highlights that are up to 40 times brighter, and blacks that are 10 times darker. The result is a refined, lifelike image that makes viewers forget they are looking at a screen.

“We are proud to play an important role in the Dolby Vision ecosystem,” said Dr Abdul Rehman, president and co-founder of SSIMWAVE. “Our company and our advanced technology exist to preserve artistic intent, so that the consumer receives the ultimate viewing experience.”

In addition to SSIMPLUS VoD Monitor Inspector’s support for Dolby Vision, SSIMWAVE’s SSIMPLUS VoD Monitor Production tool uses the SSIMPLUS algorithm to optimise quality for high volumes of video assets across complex delivery chains.