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Smart content monitoring is a must if you want to deliver high-quality OTT offerings

By Anupama Anantharaman, VP of product marketing at Interra Systems

According to a recent report from Frost & Sullivan, test and monitoring solutions will play an increased role in OTT service delivery over the next few years as service providers take advantage of new opportunities to deploy premium OTT video services based on quality of experience.

Why? The fact is today’s consumers expect high-quality, error-free video on a wide range of devices. If you can’t deliver the perfect OTT experience, they’ll look to one of the other video streaming services on the market to fulfil their needs.

Monitoring systems — specifically those designed to address the unique challenges of delivering ABR video — can help you quickly detect and resolve issues like a drop in video signal, missing audio, blocky video, and missing captions or subtitles to curb viewer dissatisfaction.

At IBC2019, Interra Systems will demonstrate its ORION-OTT monitoring solution, which allows operators to monitor thousands of streams for ABR compliance and audio-video quality — all in real time. With ORION-OTT, you can monitor both VOD and live content for video quality throughout the entire workflow, from ingest to final distribution, so that no issue goes undetected. As a software-based monitoring solution that provides the most desired combination of performance, scalability, and quality assurance features, ORION-OTT is designed to help customers launch and maintain OTT services with the highest possible quality. 

One of the key features we’ll be showing at IBC2019 is an enriched ORION Central Manager (OCM) for ORION-OTT. OCM provides a real-time view and QoS/QoE status for each and every service from multiple ORION and ORION-OTT monitors, irrespective of the location. Thanks to this enterprise-wide visibility and central management of multiple ORION setups, if a customer-impacting event occurs, at any point in time, operators are alerted to the exact location and type of error for quick and efficient troubleshooting. 

By providing unprecedented visibility and control over the entire OTT preparation and delivery chain, for live and VOD content, OCM solves one of the most critical issues facing operators: how to assure flawless video and audio on every screen. It’s a must-have solution for success in the highly competitive OTT streaming market.