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Paywizard showcases AI-driven subscriber intelligence platform

Paywizard Singula™sees full launch after trials demonstrate pay-TV and OTT providers can identify ‘next best action’ in real time

Subscriber intelligence specialist Paywizard officially launched its new artificial intelligence-driven subscriber platform Paywizard Singula at IBC 2019.

Powered by Microsoft Azure AI, Singula provides subscriber intelligence and identifies the ‘next best action’ pay-TV operators and over-the-top (OTT) providers can take to boost customer engagement. The platform leverages AI and machine learning to generate insights that arm operators to proactively build subscriber loyalty, grow average revenue per user and acquire new customers.

Singula has already been employed by a number of leading broadcasters, such as eir Sport and Racing TV as part of initial beta trials. In one customer acquisition campaign for Racing TV, the UK and Ireland’s premier horse racing channel, Singula was able to double the conversion rate while being able to predict with over 94 per cent accuracy high-risk churners in a free trial programme.

“Singula empowers OTT and pay-TV providers such as Racing TV to transform their customer experience and better engage with subscribers at each and every stage of the subscriber journey,” said Bhavesh Vaghela, Paywizard’s chief executive. “Our research shows operators are struggling to proactively leverage customer data.  In fact, we see many organisations trying to predict behaviour, such as churn, but most are failing to leverage this insight in real-time to positively impact the customer’s experience.”

Using Singula, TV service providers are now able to draw on available customer data – including billing, viewing, demographic and behavioural insights – in real-time to gain a full view of each subscriber at key stages of the customer journey. “By continually learning from campaigns, offers, promotions and customer engagement, Singula is able to hone-in on the most effective action to take, driving real business results throughout the customer lifecycle,” said Vaghela.

The platform creates a Single Customer View of each subscriber and utilises predictive models, created in collaboration with the data science centre of excellence at Edinburgh University, to determine next best actions that reflect where that subscriber is in the customer journey, their value as a customer, their likely response and other factors. The action can be a timely promotional offer, an informative communication, or even to simply do nothing.

Singula also helps identify the most appropriate channel to execute the action, which can include an in-app notification, social media advertising, a text to a smartphone, an email, communication via an electronic programming guide, a customised user interface, web chat, or contact from an agent. It then captures the result via a valuable feedback loop that utilises machine learning to update the analytical models – generating ongoing insight into future recommendations on how to best to target individual subscribers.