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Livewire Digital launches SilverBlade II

Livewire Digital has launched SilverBlade II, a lightweight small-footprint unit that bonds cellular and Wi-Fi services to provide a highly resilient internet connection for broadcast professionals to deliver low latency live and file based media from cameras, laptops or mobiles.

Using SilverBlade II, agile reporters can ‘go live’ rapidly and provide captivating breaking news stories and compelling content instantly from anywhere in the world to traditional TV consumers and mobile millennials. Highly cost-effective, broadcasters pay a one-off purchase fee for SilverBlade II and use their own SIM cards – side stepping the ‘per-use’ fees charged by Livewire’s competitors.

Heralded as an important new development of significant value to crews broadcasting breaking news stories, SilverBlade II features Livewire Digital’s Razorlink technology which aggregates and bonds internet bandwidth across 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, DSL cellular networks and satellite to significantly enhance data transfer rates for fast delivery of video content. Connection dropouts – a key issue for TV crews on the move – are managed seamlessly by RazorLink which automatically migrates to alternative networks and optimises the connection so users can make use of all the available bandwidth.

Razorlink delivers on the 5G aspiration for seamless connectivity making use of current and next generation networks and enables reporters to deliver content via their own applications and infrastructure unlike competitive products which channel client content via proprietary software and eco systems.

SilverBlade II supports global cellular modems as an integral part of the unit. The unlocked modems allow the use of any service provider, reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

Commenting on SilverBlade II, Tristan Wood, managing director, Livewire Digital, said, “We are proud to have made SilverBlade II the most cost-effective solution for broadcasting from cameras and smart phones. Its embedded RazorLink software has been deployed all around the world providing first class network performance and ease of use from the most extreme locations including harsh or remote environments.”