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Gyro-Stabilized Systems announces XD motion as European service and support partner

Gyro-Stabilized Systems has announced XD motion as its European sales and support partner. XD motion expands the availability of both sales and repair support for the cinema and broadcast series product lines to the European region where interest and demand for GSS products continue to grow. XD motion is also adding the GSS C520 to their own products, offering all-inclusive services with the system for the first time in France.

“I’m excited to work with XD motion as our European sales and support partner,” said Jason Fountaine, managing director of GSS. “I appreciate XD motions’ understanding of the European and worldwide gimbal markets, commitment to customer support, and technical understanding of gyro-stabilized camera system technology. From the first time I spoke with CEO Benoit Dentan I knew the team at XD motion was a great fit with many shared values that we have at GSS. I look forward to working with them as we establish GSS as the premier gimbal provider to the European market.”

GSS specialises in the development of leading-edge gyro-stabilized camera systems, including customisable solutions to meet the world’s demand for new innovative products in production, broadcast, utility inspection, and surveillance markets. New cameras, lenses, sensors, and accessories are added as options as the market evolves, for a future-proof gimbal solution. Video resolution surpassing 4K/Ultra HD, zoom potential over 42X, and the use of high-end materials all add to the personalised level of customisation that GSS provides. Unlike any other gimbal on the market, GSS designs feature the ability to interchange cameras, lenses, and sensors in less than 30 minutes, allowing the use of various payload configurations the very same day. GSS systems are also designed without ITAR export restrictions, making travel and shipment very easy.

“The aim for XD motion is to stay at the cutting edge of technology and to find the latest advanced products,” said Benoit Dentan. “Gyro-Stabilized Systems is at the heart of this technology. Thus, the partnership with the company GSS was evident. XD motion has recently become the European Service and Support Partner for GSS using their systems, the most advanced products in the industry. We look forward to working with our very own GSS C520 system in future work.”

(From left to right: Steve Rudolph, designer of the GSS gimbals and GSS associate; Benoit Dentan, CEO of XD motion; Jason Fountaine, managing director of GSS).