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Edgeware to show ‘beyond broadcast’ experiences

Throughout the IBC 2018 show, Edgeware will present its TV CDN and Origin systems to content distributors and service operators, showing them how its customers are using its technology to deliver OTT services that go beyond broadcast TV.

On display will be both Edgeware’s origin and CDN solutions. This includes the latest version of Ad Enabler, a dynamic ad insertion tool that lets content distributors insert glitch-free personalised adverts using frame-accurate segmentation, server side. The solution is one of the first to support live OTT ad insertion using the MPEG-DASH standard – the native format for Android devices.

When delivering content over the internet, protecting programming is paramount – especially considering the costs involved in production or rights acquisition. Edgeware will also be demonstrating its forensic watermarking technology throughout IBC – a tool that allows content distributors to add a unique code to their programming so it can be identified if illegally redistributed.

“Internet-delivered TV is more important than ever. This means that operators need to deploy systems that deliver the best experiences possible,” said Richard Brandon, Edgeware’s CMO. “Even when we’re talking about big live events such as the World Cup, that require huge scale, OTT can now be delivered in a way that benefits viewers more than if they were tuning into traditional broadcasts.”

“The focus for this year’s show is how we can help service operators scale and put in place their own TV CDNs which enable them to offer a TV experience that doesn’t just match broadcast TV, but goes beyond it,” Brandon added. “Having a dedicated network means operators can deliver higher-quality programming, like 4K or HDR while maintaining control over their content delivery.”