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Densitron to demo enhanced display technology

Densitron is returning to IBC with new, advanced variants to its UReady family of TFT rackmount displays and a rich selection of monitors ideal for mixing desk and studio use.

The company will demonstrate how its design and manufacture of displays is now benefitting broadcast applications within the stands three zones; Rack, Mixing Desk and Studio.

Rack Zone

Launched earlier in 2018, Densitron’s UReady TFT rackmount display range for easy integration into 1U, 2U and 3U rackmount systems will welcome new variants to the family.

The UReady range will expand to be suitable for 3U racks, and will also show how Densitron has updated its haptic touch technology to integrate with mechanical buttons for users who need blind operation.

Mixing Desk/Control Room Zone

Densitron is showcasing a number of open frame monitors, in particular three new sizes of bar-cut TFT displays, which make the most efficient use of space at mixing desks, without any compromise on resolution. With touchscreen functionality, these monitors offer equipment manufacturers exceptional flexibility, as they can standalone, be wall mounted, tilted or even put on a pole where sight lines are raised.

Densitron monitors also benefit from the company’s new colour matching system, recently introduced at its Taiwan facility. This ensures all monitors consistently display the same tone, depth and contrast, offering the highest level of user experience. In addition, this area will demonstrate Densitron’s in-house designed, fanless x86 PC systems for high performance in a quiet control room environment.

IPE Partnership/Studio zone

Densitron will once again be sharing its stand with its partner, IPE Technologies, the designer and provider of hardware and software solutions to major global broadcasters. Densitron and IPE are working closely on projects and will be showcasing IDS integrated into the popular bar/cut monitors from Densitron’s offering.