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Ciaran Doran’s Tour de France

The fundraisers are attempting to raise £1million for Cure Leukaemia.

Datasat CEO Ciaran Doran and ex-England International soccer star Geoff Thomas, along with a team of riders will attempt to cycle every single stage of the 2015 Tour de France just one day ahead of the professionals. The fundraisers are attempting to raise £1million for Cure Leukaemia. Doran explains:

‘I get inspired by an audacious challenge for an inspirational goal.
The challenge is the Tour de France.
The goal is a cure for leukaemia.

Why am I doing this?

Professor Charlie Craddock, who founded Cure Leukaemia, has spent recent years on a determined, perhaps even frenzied, path to find a cure for leukaemia, the blood cancer that takes so many lives each year.
He is determined to find this cure “in our lifetime”.

Ten years ago ex-England international footballer and Crystal Palace captain, Geoff Thomas was diagnosed with leukaemia and through the work of Professor Craddock survived. Geoff has made it his life’s passion to raise funds so that more leukaemia patients get access to the right drugs and patient care and have the chance of life that he was blessed with.

Please help me reach this by donating via the BT MyDonate website who take no commission.

Corporate sponsors and riders are paying for this event so everything raised goes straight to the work of Cure Leukaemia.

Thank you for your support – you can follow my blog for daily updates.

Ciaran Doran

Image: Ciaran Doran, fourth from left