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Interra Systems to showcase video QC, captioning, and monitoring innovations at IBC 2023

At IBC 2023, Interra Systems will showcase its latest innovations designed to optimise content delivery, streamline operations, and enhance audio-video quality. Highlights at this year’s IBC will include the latest upgrades to the company’s industry-leading BATON solution – with a brand-new engine to enhance performance, an AI-powered captions solution, its award-winning ORION monitoring suite, and powerful VEGA media analyzer solution. 

Interra Systems’ comprehensive solutions address key challenges in meeting today’s ever-increasing demand for quality – including audio/video QoE and QoS, metadata management, and orchestrating cloud and hybrid deployments – by automating media processing. 

“Interra Systems’ dedication to continuous innovation will be on full display at IBC2023,” said Penny Westlake, senior director of Europe at Interra Systems. “Earlier this year we launched numerous updates to our world-class solutions that moved the needle forward in terms of QC, captioning, and monitoring of media content. At IBC this year, we’re excited to present a host of new features, all of which build upon these recent improvements and align effectively with the changing media landscape. The evolution of our technology demonstrates our commitment to helping service providers and broadcasters elevate viewer experiences, while also ensuring optimal content monetization.”

On Display at IBC2023:

BATON — Optimising QC Workflows

At IBC 2023, visitors will get to see the company’s new, enhanced BATON 9.0 engine in action, which includes the most recent upgrades to Interra Systems’ BATON solution – the company’s award-winning AI-/ML-enabled automated QC platform, which  addresses the most demanding QC standards for quality and compliance. New features added to BATON include major framework updates, performance enhancements for QC and analysis of UHD content, optimized IMF analysis, and optimised reading and downloads from S3 cloud. In addition, enhanced video quality checks enable the detection and decoding of QR codes, video dropout, logo detection, color banding for UHD content, and burnt-in-text recognition. BATON also offers complete support and checks for subtitles and transport stream formats, as well as Dolby Atmos, enhanced audio quality checks like Audio Silence, and enhanced support for formats including REDCODE audio, DPX, and TIFF. 

Enhancements to Interra Systems’ BATON Media Player — which allows media professionals to play, inspect, and verify audio and video content — now enables optimized playback of 4K content and further support for Dolby Atmos storage formats like AXS-R7, REDCODE audio, “.dng”, and more options to review errors along with recaptioning/subtitling tasks.

BATON Captions is an automated solution utilizing cutting-edge ML and automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, which allows broadcasters and media professionals to address caption-related requirements such as generation, live to VOD repurposing, post-production editing, and localization for different geographies for the global distribution of media. 

In addition to the upgrades made to BATON Captions earlier this year – which includes IAM-based S3 access, additional languages, project-based custom dictionaries, burnt-in-text detection, profane word detection, and more – new enhancements on display at IBC2023 will include RHEL support and the ability to browse and download log files from the web browser, export dictionaries, and perform a database backup before upgrading.

ORION Content Monitoring for OTT and Linear/IP Video Ensures Better QoS/QoE

Interra Systems’ ORION and ORION-OTT are comprehensive monitoring solutions addressing a variety of hybrid and cloud deployment scenarios for linear broadcast, IP-based delivery infrastructures, and live/VOD OTT content. In addition to upgrades made earlier this year — including improved support for localisation, more HDR and ST2110 checks, enhancements in scheduled reports, usability improvements in live monitoring views, and support for scheduled monitoring — the latest updates to ORION on display will include support for Dolby Atmos.

ORION-OTT’s enhanced support for localization and Dolby Atmos audio will be showcased at IBC2023 alongside brand-new capabilities such as support for Nagra and Comcast DRM, and updates to dynamic ad insertion (DAI) monitoring post server-side ad insertion (SSAI). The other recent enhancements include monitoring of low-latency streams, more DASH compliance checks, improvements in freeze detection, and additional system alerts for third-party integration. 

ORION 2110 Probe Future-Proofs End-to-End Monitoring in IP Environments

Interra Systems’ ORION 2110 Probe supports the SMPTE ST 2110 standard and enables broadcasters to future-proof the end-to-end monitoring of video quality in IP environments. Features include QoS/QoE monitoring of ST 2110 essence streams, ST 2110 main and redundancy signals, and NMOS integration.

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