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Telestream takes quality control to the cloud

File-based QC service can run on the customer's cloud provider of choice

Telestream is launching a new cloud-based QC service built from the best of the company’s Vidchecker and Aurora QC technology and optimised for cloud workflows.

According to the company, Telestream Cloud Qualify provides proven and trusted media QC tools in a highly flexible SaaS model. The file-based QC service can run on the customer’s cloud provider of choice.

Telestream Cloud Qualify also checks content before it is sent to archive with frame-by-frame video quality analysis. The service offers a RESTful Open API for integrations into customers’ media supply chain workflows and supports ABR/IMF and HDR media formats.

“As more media workflows move to the cloud to take advantage of scalability and cost-effective SaaS solutions, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive QC strategy that resides where the media is being processed,” said Tim MacGregor, senior director, head of strategy and product development, Telestream Cloud. “Developing a QC environment from proven industry solutions that customers already know and trust gives Telestream a unique position in the market.

“Telestream Cloud Qualify is a cloud-native service that allows media professionals to focus on their content instead of spending years learning and staying up-to-date on the countless video formats as they continue to evolve worldwide,” he added.