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EVS announces new ecosystem to bridge world of live content creation and distribution

The VIA Media Asset Platform is built on a microservices-based foundation, and permeates every aspect of the company's technology and solution delivery

EVS is launching an open ecosystem to bring the world of content creation in a live production environment together with the world of distribution and review.

The VIA Media Asset Platform (MAP) is the culmination of EVS’ technological evolution, said the company, and now forms the backbone of several solutions, including LiveCeption for live replays and highlights, MediaCeption for asset management, MediaHub for distribution and monetisation, and PowerVision for reviewing and mission-critical decision making.

It also leverages EVS’ MediaInfra solutions, allowing users to fully take advantage of an IP-based backbone in live video operations through advanced routing, monitoring, orchestrating and media processing flows, said the company.

VIA MAP comprises a series of applications and back-end engines, including:

Core engine: A suite of tools encompassing smart ingest, playout management, import/export capabilities, and a highly intuitive search and browsing system.

Data engine: Incorporating external data sources, intuitive manual data generation interfaces and AI-powered assistance, the Data Engine provides streamlined and automated processes designed to optimise workflows.

OpenGate API: A versatile API gateway that integrates third-party systems.

Built upon a microservices-based foundation, VIA MAP permeates every aspect of our technology and solution delivery,” said EVS CTO Alex Redfern. “The diverse applications and core engines composing the platform establish a flexible and scalable environment for our customers, enabling a seamless transition from traditional production models to a fully cohesive media environment.”