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Firstlight Media, Microsoft Azure to power new streaming venture Struum

New platform aims to help viewers find OTT content, and will launch in the spring.

Firstlight Media will utilise Microsoft Azure to power a new streaming service which aims to help viewers find content from hundreds of niche and specialty services.

Struum, which counts former Disney boss Michael Eisner amongst its backers, is expected to launch in the spring.

Firstlight Media will leverage Microsoft Azure’s hyperscale Cloud platform and its own microservices-based architecture to create an agile, scalable, extensible service for the streamer. According to Firstlight, the service will enable consumers to find and access content from multiple content partners and OTT providers, using a single Struum subscription and a credits-based purchase model.

It will combine¬†Firstlight Media’s portfolio of more than 110+ microservices, player libraries, and UI clients with Microsoft Azure’s Cloud and AI technology. Firstlight said it also intends to develop highly engaging and personalised 360-degree customer experiences that will employ the company’s AI/ML capabilities.

The Struum platform will be built on Microsoft Azure services like Azure Kubernetes Services and Azure DevOps.

“Consumers are demanding more choice and flexibility in how, where and what they consume with their media. Similarly, our partners are demanding flexibility and scale in the cloud services they choose,” said¬†Hanno Basse, CTO Azure Media & Entertainment. “We’re pleased to work with Firstlight Media as they leverage Azure to power their Cloud-native streaming platform and make it available to innovative new consumer services like Struum.”