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Case study: Delivering live TV services across Sweden

How video technology company Appear worked with Swedish telco Sappa to deliver live TV services

Appear is a leading provider of media processing and delivery technology. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway and with customers in over 100 countries, Appear provides the backbone that relied on by production companies, telcos and broadcasters to make immersive live experiences possible for their viewers.

Who is Sappa?

Sappa is one of Sweden’s largest telecom operators that delivers broadband, TV and streaming services, digital care-services, and telephony to over 400,000 households all over the country. 

What were Sappa’s challenges?
  1. The headend scattering: With 50 headend locations across Sweden, Sappa needed a technology solution that could be deployed and work with no intervention—calling out engineers becomes time consuming and expensive when technology doesn’t work the way it should.
  2. Standards-based solutions: Sappa needed technology that was future-proof, meaning solutions deployed had to be compatible with both new and existing compression standards.
  3. Keeping subscribers happy: Sappa, like many operators, need to be able to deliver the best possible television experience to retain subscribers. Now more than ever, viewers expect nothing less than the best viewing experience, and live television is no exception— content needs to be delivered in both real-time and high quality. 

Appear partnered with Sappa to offer the best-in-class technology and support Sappa’s needs for both today and beyond.

How was this resolved by Appear?

Sappa has deployed Appear’s X and XC Platforms at all its headend locations to ensure distribution of live video to its subscribers. While Appear’s XC chassis houses analogue and QAM modulators, its X Platform guarantees the most efficient use of Sappa’s network bandwidth by using Appear’s encoding, transcoding and scrambling modules.

Together, Appear’s solutions are the perfect fit for Sappa. Not only is the X Platform designed for high-speed video networking, enhanced IP security, video distribution and contribution, but the modularity of the XC Platform means Sappa could select the modules it needed to meet its individual requirements. 

As a result, Sappa has a flexible, easy to use, low maintenance solution that ensures it delivers the best live video viewing experience. Appear’s solutions are also compact, energy efficient, and can handle huge amounts of bandwidth, which makes it an efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective option for Sappa.

What’s been the outcome and what’s next?

With the deployment of Appear’s solutions, Sappa has been able to deliver a better live TV experience to its customers.

Appear is committed to supporting Sappa in delivering live TV for its cable, IPTV and OTT services. Appear will continue to be an integral technology partner for many years to come and is dedicated to helping Sappa achieve its goal of delivering the very best customer experience to its subscribers.