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Panasonic debuts HDR-capable UHD VR glasses

Expected to enhance VR sports viewing

Panasonic has showcased HDR capable UHD virtual reality eyeglasses, a first according to the company, at CES.

The expected launch of commercial 5G services are likely to benefit new VR experiences, like sports viewing and virtual travel experiences. But instead of the often large VR headsets currently needed for such viewing, Panasonic says its new design offers a comfortable fit akin to wearing eyeglasses.

The high-performances display device was developed in cooperation with Kopin Corporation, a manufacturer of display devices for VR glasses. Panasonic’s audio and visual technologies have been incorporated into the VR eyeglasses, including signal processing technologies, acoustic technologies of Technics audio products and optical tech use in Lumix digital cameras.

The main features of the new VR eyeglasses are the UHD high-quality images that are capable of displaying HDR thanks to a micro OLED panel and high-quality sound can be reproduced over a range of frequencies from ultra-low to high.

Panasonic is expected to continue developing the VR glasses so they can be used in a variety of applications.