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Euro 2020 scores more streams than the Olympics

UEFA Euro 2020 traffic peaked at 35 Tbps on the Akamai paltform versus a peak of 10 Tbps during the Olympics

This summer’s Euro 2020 football championship hit more streams and hours than Tokyo 2020 according to Akamai.

Peak streaming traffic for the Euro 2020 matches hit 35 Tbps, on 11th July during the final between Italy and England, more than three times the peak traffic of 10 Tbps on 7th August for the Olympics, according to a blog post by Cory Sakakeeny, the principal lead technical project manager at Akamai.

UEFA Euro 2020 also beat the Olympics in terms of total streaming hours, though by a much tighter margin with 578 million total streaming hours compared to about 500 million hours from Tokyo on the Akamai platform.

Sakakenny’s blog noted that the last full day of competition during the games in Tokyo generated the highest video streaming traffic for 30-plus customers on the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, with peak 10 Tbps traffic on Saturday, 7th August.